Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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The heart is a complex mass of muscle, veins, and blood. If you stab it blood will ooze. I would like to stab one.

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If you have ever had a root canal it isnt fun. It hurts and I dont numb easily. but it does get you out of school.

I remember

I remember the time I...

  • broke my arm
  • ran to the rope swing
  • sat in boones basement all day every day
  • was 12
  • gave that talk in church
  • played no bobo
  • tipped the atv

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This is where Perth is located. My mission boundaries are basically all of western Australia. Its going to be hot... very hot.


I think that I have a few pairs of shoes that are pretty boss city and some that are kinda lame. I do have a pair of brown vans that I think describe my personality quite well they are my go to pair. I think shoes can tell a lot about a person and I also think that they can be a little deceiving if that is all that you are looking at.

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I'm a chimp and I am innocent. I mean no harm.